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In today’s world of hi-tech and everything online…differentiating Real Estate companies is becoming a challenge when considering the marketing of your home.

A common scenario is to interview several agents and go over their marketing plans. Three agents later and hours of questions and opinions…. Many a seller decides whom to work with based on connecting with the right agent. The marketing plans become secondary as one would need an excel spreadsheet to decipher the differences and benefits between presentations.

Artisan Sotheby’s offers sellers “Reach” unlike any of the competition who is tripping over themselves to catch up to the undisputed Luxury Home marketing leader. The property distribution and global media showcasing is unparalleled.

Sotheby’s International Realty is synonymous with Luxury Home Marketing and below I offer the 4 most important benefits to working with an Artisan Sotheby’s Agent.

  1. Property Distribution – Worldwide Marketing Exposure
  2. Global Media – Intelligently Showcasing Property
  3. Local Marketing – Luxury Marketing Group
  4. Online Advertising – Search Engines and Social Media

 1. Property DistributionClick Here


Property Distribution

2. Global MediaClick Here


Global Media


3. Local Marketing



Once a month a group of local agents representing distinctive properties comes together and personally tours these unique homes while offering unbiased professional feedback, regarding price, condition and location. Our sellers have been using this feedback to asses the current market conditions and to get a sense of how the buyers will be comparing these homes to others on the market. Many of these homes are sold off market and having these agents know of this inventory helps spread the word to the influence-rs and many of the more discriminating buyers.


4. Online Advertising

We use a combination of search engine and social media advertising to drive traffic. Today’s online tools can be leveraged to target a demographic and a location and see measurable results unlike print. Each home is unique and as such so are our marketing campaigns.


So, if you have a distinctive luxury property and desire a marketing campaign that focuses on reach, measurable results along with exposure to the local luxury agents, contact Gus Kyriakos.

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